WORLD Card MaKing DAY and giveaway related.

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Hello!!  Many of you know that today is WORLD CARD making day…  Cards are great because they allow you to share  feelings and have your love reflected on a piece of paper  for years and years to come. They don’t cost a lot to make but they are priceless if we want to assign a value to how they make you feel when you get one.

Today is the perfect occasion to ask you to share with us your cards made with KIKI ART products.  Send us a picture of your card and who you have made if for (if you want, please, share the story related to the card) and at the end of the month we will pick  two winners that will get the very new, exclusive and not seen before sets of KIKI ART rubber cling stamps.

Just in case you need some inspiration to get you started,  here is a sketch I created for this special ocassion!

Have a HAPPY WORLD CARD MAKING DAY!!!! Next Wednesday I will show you my take on this sketch.

Deadline: October 14th at 11:59 pm Central Daylight Time North America.  I am looking forward to see what you create.
SEND the photos or scans to

5 Responses to WORLD Card MaKing DAY and giveaway related.

  1. Tammy L says:

    ooh great sketch and awesome prize!

  2. samar - nana says:

    I’ll make one right now! xoxoxo

  3. Fleur says:

    Great Sketch Kiki – can’t wait to see the new stamps!

  4. Pearl Liu says:

    What a fun prize to play for – good luck everyone !

  5. wendi r says:

    what a great sketch and I am sooo happy for card making day!!! I love cards

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