Holy Halloween Batman!

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I LOVE Halloween! Ever since I was little I’ve loved Halloween. The best thing about Labor day? That the very next dayI can drag out the boxes and boxes of Halloween decorations and get to work. Since I live with just my dog, there is no one to say “But it’s only September!” or “All ready!?!” Pepper just follows me from room to room checking out what I’m doing. This year I even decorated my guest bathroom.

One thing I do every year is send Halloween cards. Since i’m on quite a tight budget this year, I’m trying to make my craft supplies go further and further. Even though I don’t currently have any of the Kiki Art Halloween papers (man oh man I can’t wait to get my hands on those!) I knew that I would be able to make some great Halloween cards using some of the Kiki Art papers I had on hand. I used some of the Water Rain Collection,┬ásome of the the Jardin collection, and some pre-made cards that I all ready had on hand. It’s so fun to be frugal AND creative :)

xoxo, Meg

5 Responses to Holy Halloween Batman!

  1. samar - nana says:

    cute…i have to start my projects…will have this idea in mind! tkx

  2. Tammy L says:

    these are awesome! what a great job! definately can stretch yr supplies this way!

  3. Fleur says:

    Cute cards – love the ghost!

  4. Mimita says:

    Yes!!! Nothing wrong with being frugal!! They are very nice cards!! =)

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