Sneak Peek Season is definetly open!

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Sneak Peek Season is definitely open! And we are celebrating  the first year of KIKI ART!

“PARTY ANIMAL” is the first collection we are officially presenting and I am very excited because we did it together! Remember the animals?… Those of you who shared your favorite animals with me before, can now see them partying hard in the collection. This new line is great for children’s parties, layouts of visits to the zoo and just lots of fun for anybody.

The great part about it, is that the papers can be used with the Zutter’s DreamKuts machine in order to make many quick and easy invitations. And if you Scrapbook with your children, while they play, they can learn about different parts of the planet by looking at each animal which represents a part of the world and carries some elements of their culture.

Please, visit the personal blogs of the design team members to search for the Animals today… Tomorrow I will show you more details on the collection here and we will get a real PARTY going with surprises and discounts for customers and giveaways for fans since Saturday we will celebrate KIKI ART’s first birthday!!!


See you tomorrow,


7 Responses to Sneak Peek Season is definetly open!

  1. Laurie says:

    Oh Kiki.. this looks so fun… can’t wait to see more…

  2. Jillian says:

    I have my favourite sneak up on my blog now! Can’t wait to get my ‘paws’ on this line! {giggle}

  3. Party on all you Animals – love this collection, can’t wait for the rest of them all!!!

  4. Michelle Hodges says:

    I’m really enjoying the sneaks at the DT blogs!!
    Loving all of the animals!!

  5. Ali says:

    hOW CUTE!! lol!!!!

  6. Pam S says:

    WOOOOO, sounds super exciting!!!

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