Let the Naming Begin!

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Do you want in on the latest and greatest news from Kiki Art?
Do you want inside information from Kiki Art Design Team members and Kiki herself?
Do you want inspirations, projects, and more?

Well, the wait is almost over. Kiki Art is working behind the scenes to bring you a Kiki Art NEWSLETTER!!
We wanted to include Kiki Art fans in this fresh new creation. So, we are letting YOU….the Kiki Art Fans…NAME THE NEWSLETTER! That’s right! We are having a contest.

So leave a comment on this blog posting or our Facebook page with your name idea. Come up with more than one, no problem. We know that sometimes that creative mojo gets to flowing and you just can’t stop it! We will narrow it down..then Kiki and the Design Team will pick the winning name. Spread the word on your blogs, Facebook, and with your friends!! We would love to come up with a name just as creative as Kiki Art is!

The deadline for entering your name idea is July 31, 2010.

18 Responses to Let the Naming Begin!

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  2. Marci K says:

    How about “The Kiki Chronicle” (or Khronicle)or “The Chronicle’s of Kiki”?

  3. Deb Fortin says:

    my suggestion is Kan-Kan (K(iki) A(rt) N(ewsletter) kan (give us great ideas.)

  4. Fleur says:

    Fun! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with :)

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  6. “Ki2 news”? With the 2 being up high like an exponent (Ki to the second). Or “Keeping up with Kiki” “The Daily Kiki” or “Kiki Weekly”?

  7. Nina says:

    It might not be super innovative, but I like the sound of
    “Kiki’s weekly”


  8. Nina says:

    ..or maybe better “The Kiki weekly” 😀

  9. Nina says:

    “The current Kiki”
    “Kiki Raw”
    “The Kiki novelty”
    “The Kiki Art Bulletin”

    ..ok, that’s enough from me now…unless I suddenly get a brilliant idea or something :)

  10. Keely says:

    These are fabulous….Keep’em coming!

  11. Annmaree says:

    Kiki Compendium (or Kompendium)


    The Kiki Call Out

    The Kiki Courier

    The Kiki Crier

    The Kiki Inquirer

  12. Denise Jonas says:

    – Kiki Kaboodle
    – Kiki’s Art Kreations
    – Kiki Art’s Kaboodle
    – Kiki Art Ideas
    – Kiki’s Art Insights

  13. Denise Jonas says:

    – Kiki’s Keypers
    – Kiki’s Keepers

  14. Krafting with Kiki
    Daily Kiki
    Weekly Kiki
    A Week of Kiki
    This Week at Kiki

  15. Michelle Hodges says:

    Mine are quite simple but I will give it a try!
    Kiki’s Kreative updates,
    Kiki’s kreative Ideas,
    Kiki’s Kreative daily ideas,
    Kiki’s Kreated Place & updates,
    and Kiki’s Kreative Kraft Post.

  16. Joyce says:

    Kiki Kicks it Up!

  17. Delora says:

    KiKi’s Artful Treasures,KiKi’s Artful Updates

  18. Debbie Linton says:

    Kiki’s Klippings
    Kiki Klips
    Kiki’s Colors
    Kiki Kart

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