Flower pin with tutorial

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Hello everyone!

Here is a new post from me; Ann-Katrin. I have made an flower pin for a friend and want to show you how to make one.

First you decide witch paper you want to use. Then you cut two equal lengths and then fold them like this:

Then you glue the lengths ends together and you have a circle:

Then I have cut 3 circle in different sizes and used the sandpaper on the edge:

So just glue them together and choose some embellishment. I added some star (love stars) and a sign with “to a friend”:

And here you can see it with flowers. Isn’t it beautiful? And I love this flower, perfect for friends:

I have used paper from Amor, China and Familia.

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my flower pin. You can also make this just as a decoration to your own flowers, maybe outside in your garden.

I wish everyone a happy summer!

Love from Ann-Katrin

4 Responses to Flower pin with tutorial

  1. Tere says:

    Ihe small version of those flowers. But I love your because they are big!!!
    I like the idea to make “awards” for mi kids at church!

  2. What a great tutorial. My boy’s birthday is coming up and I have a great idea to use your flower pin. thanks!

  3. Michelle Hodges says:

    Gorgeous and very creative!!
    Love it!!

  4. Laurie says:

    ohhh thanks for the tutorial… love this idea.. going to try this for sure…

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