Summer Fun!

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Hello everyone! This is Einat with another story from across the world. It’s hot, very hot…summer is here (in Israel) and we are all looking for ways to cool down. What better way than the beach, and what a beach this is. On the southern tip of Israel there is the magnificent Red Sea. This is a very unique sea; the water temperature is the same all year round which make it possible for corals to thrive. The Red Sea reef is the northern reef on the planet and it is absolutely beautiful. On the shores of the Red Sea you can find the city of Eilat. It is the most southern city in Israel, and it’s dedicated to sun, fun and summer. It is always full of tourists from all over the world, all year long, because winter there is really warm.

Every year we go to Eilat, to a nice hotel for some R&R. we like to sit by the pool, go to the beach ad visit all the great places in the city. This LO is of my kids having fun on the beach! The title reads: Eilat. The journaling: “How much fun you had on the beach in Eilat. You swam in the water, collected sea shells and threw stones to the water. You made us stay on the beach almost until sunset!”

For this LO I used two halfs of two papers from Antologia MAGICA: Burbujas y Mariposas and Arbol Magico D. I wanted to use the shade of the sea and the sunset and those two parts were just right. for the waves I used Acro Iris paper and glitter chipboard from the Antologia MAGICA. I also used a fun technique to form white pale waves on the bottom and under the journaling: just take your rubber and pretend to erase somthing on your paper. It will make the color fade a little bit. I made the sunshade from strips of different Kiki Art papers i glued together and cut in the shape of a paracol.

Have a great summer! Don’t forget to wear sun screen.

7 Responses to Summer Fun!

  1. Tere says:

    OMGoodness Einat… I so love this layout. What a creative way to use those Arco Iris papers and chipboard!!
    LOVE everything!!!!!

  2. Fleur says:

    Cute layout – I love the umbrella and the sea gulls!

  3. Ria says:

    Love what you did with the wave — genius!

  4. Katrina says:

    that umbrella ROCKS!!!!!! Great layout!

  5. Ann-Katrin says:

    This is awesome! Love it! And all the beachy details!

  6. Jillian says:

    I LOVE how you used the wave CB on this! It’s fabulous..and that umbrella is gorgeous! Definately something to lift for sure!!! :)

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