It is always good to stop and say THANKS!

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As you know by now, Wednesday is my day to post.  It is a real treat for me because I get to choose what to show you.  And it takes a little bit of my time, because I also have to do it in three languages (English, Spanish and French) since I want to stay true to one of the dreams I had when I first started KIKI ART.  Which is to reach as many people as I can so, if they don’t know about Scrapbooking, they can start discovering how wonderful it is and if they do know about it, they can explore new possibilities and rediscover their child within.

Starting a company from scratch in a foreign land was and still is a wonderful challenge for me.  Everyday I am learning something new about the hobby, about the business, about the language, about designing, about what people like and what they don’t like, about our Culture of Scrapbooking in different parts of the world, about human nature, about so many other things… but the thing that I value the most is meeting persons that over a short period of time have become friends and almost like sisters to me.

Kiki Art is growing and getting closer to have its first birthday this summer.  The journey has just begun and there is a lot to improve on my part (I have taken note of all the comments and advice generously given to me by many of you) and I am happy to say that things are going great… THANK YOU for liking the designs, the funtapes, the glittered chipboards shapes and the other things that you have seen from Kiki Art in its first year… you will love what is coming next because it has been created with what you have asked for in mind!  I have made a lot of efforts and sacrifices to get here, but absolutely nothing would have been possible without you, the KIKI ART fans, and the KIKI ART Design teams.  That is why next week… it will be dedicated to thank you, Kiki Art followers. But today is dedicated to the KIKI ART design team members…  They are human beings who are tolerant to accept the differences that come up in discussions on our mailing list and private forum, generous to share their knowledge with the “newbies”, patience to put up with all my crazy ideas and my many flaws, solidary to care about the personal problems many of us experienced since we met, wonderfully creative to inspire you everyday through their creations.  Just like many of you, they are mothers, daughters, girlfriends, grandmothers… all busy women who have a home to take care of and work to worry about but they still make the effort to MAKE the time to accomplish what they like: CREATE.




PS: (I want to share with you a little sneak peek of a Kiki Art 2010 Summer collection that will be exclusively offered in a UK magazine to be released this July… let me know what you think)

12 Responses to It is always good to stop and say THANKS!

  1. Katrina says:

    OH Kiki, this is so so sweet of you! THANK YOU for selecting me and believing in me to be a part of your very first design team. Hugs so much, Katrina

  2. sarah says:

    Thank you, Kiki. I totally needed to hear that today. :) It put a smile on my face, and I can’t wait to see this summer release. :) It’s gonna be great.


  3. KIKI says:

    Katrina… I am sooo glad you are back in to Scrapbooking mode! I missed you a lot and I thank everyday for having you on board and for being my friend!

    Sarah… you know you are a very special and important part of this team, thanks to your work ethics, experience, creativity and dedication Kiki Art progresses but you have also become a great friend to me, the type that makes me wanna be a better person. Thank you for that too!

  4. Kiki….thank you so very much for creating such an amazing company and allowing me to be a part of it!!! Can not wait to play with the new summer release products!!!!

  5. Jillian says:

    Aw, thank you! You have no idea how perfect your timing was for me! We’re digging our way out of a basement flood…the water came in right in MY SCRAP ROOM!!
    Thank you so much for welcoming me and all these other amazing ladies onto your Design Team!!

  6. aw, that was so nice!! I am so honored to be part of this awesome team. so thankful that during a tough time, you allowed me to focus on my family and even took the time to enquire on them. Much Hugs and i can’t wait to email you more pics – having a blast & continuously doing the “pee pee” dance while waiting for my add on kits!!

  7. Fleur says:

    Thanks Kiki and we are very lucky to be a part of your amazing team! I love love love that turtle I can’t wait to see your new lines!

  8. Thank you kiki! I feel so lucky to be a part of Kiki Art design team. You made it possible for me to create history and be the first Israeli designer to be part of a manufacturer DT. I am so proud to be a part of this talented DT.

  9. Vivi says:

    You are an amazing person Kiki! I am more than happy to be part of this wonderful team!

  10. ellen s says:

    you make it so easy, Kiki!!! you honestly just one of the nicest ppl i have met and love every minute spending it with you and the girls!

  11. Laurie says:

    Yeah Kiki… love all the inspiration the Team creates.. thank you all for your inspiration.. you all do a great job…

  12. This was very sweet of ou Kiki, love being part of the tem and working with your product!!!

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