Bonfire fun

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It’s time for another story from far away. This is the story of Lag-BaOmer, a Jewish holiday celebrated around the month of May, with outings, bonfires, and other joyous events. It all began 2000 years ago when the Roman Empire ruled the land of Israel. A young military leader named Bar-Kochva (son of the stars) succeeded in organizing a rebellion against the Romans. An army was organized and the war went on for 6 years. On the day of Lag-BaOmer, the Jewish rebels re-conquered Jerusalem and Jewish independence was restored. After the battle Bar Kochva’s men lit bonfires on the mountains to announce the victory. Since then every year it is custom to light a bonfire. Unfortunately the period of independence lasted only 4 years after which the Romans succeeded to crush the rebellion and exiled the Jewish population outside Israel for 2000 years. One of the reasons this rebellion was successful was because Bar Kochva had the support of the religious Jewish leaders. There for this story is also about unity and love not only among men but between the earthly and the spiritual.

This layout shows the first bonfire my son ever attended, 6 years ago. It was celebrated with all the kids from his kindergarten. In the beginning he was a little worried, but after a while he joined the fun.

I usually don’t like layouts on black paper, but I decided this time it was just right. The colors of the fire were almost as vibrant as they were in reality against the black background of the Antologia Familia – Casilleros G paper. For the fire, I cut flames from the Antologia Magica – Arco Iris paper and the Antologia Familia – glitter chipboards. The swirly lines on the Antologia Familia – botones y costure paper reminded me of the swirling flames, so I cut them and added them for extra dimension. To complete the fire I used some swirly stamps with yellow and orange inks. I tore the edges of all the photos and journaling blocks and inked them in black. This gave them a burnt scorched look.

I added the title in English and the journaling in Hebrew. A combination between two things, the same as the holiday is a combination of two things: man who is earthly and the Bible which is spiritual. The journaling says: “what fun we had at your first bonfire. We celebrated it with all your friends from kindergarten”. May 2004.

4 Responses to Bonfire fun

  1. Wendi R says:

    what a cool fire effect in the middle of the page!!! cool

  2. Fleur says:

    Awesome layout love the way you did the fire!

  3. Fantastic layout!!!

  4. ellen s says:

    oh wow! such a cool layout!!!

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