HOLA… Wednesday is a sandwich day!

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Hello my friends!

How are you? Have you been missing my postings? I hope so. I have to apologize because I have been really busy and have not been able to catch up with all my posting work… but here I am and promise  I won’t leave you again!!

Today I am going to share with you a frame I did for one of the Kiki Art Blog hop winners at my personal blog. A frame with the Balloon collection. I have to say that I am addicted to HELMAR adhesive products, I could not do anything without them and it makes things so much easier for me. I love doodling and cutting things… there is a lot more cutting in this work.

I have so many news!!! but can not talk about most of them yet… arrhhgghhhhh!!! Let me give you some hints…

Here goes one, in the middle of the summer you will be able to enjoy an Exclusive Kiki ART line of papers and tags that will come FREE for those who buy a certain magazine. Please, find below the pictures that have inspired me to do that line.  When you see the finished product you will make the connection but until then… please, enjoy the picture of my kids and imagine how the papers could be.

My baby boy at a beach in South America a few year ago

my baby girl at at beach in one of Quebec beautiful National Parks

My baby girl at a beach in one of the beautiful National Parks in Quebec

Kiki Art is gearing for CHA… we have a few new collections that you will adore!!! Thanks to those who are answering my questions because they inspire me to produce goodies made specially for YOU!! So… there will be animals, there will be little people and there will be a very special Christmas collection that you have never seen before… well.. I should shut up now… I am saying to much already.

I hope you have a great Wednesday (at home we called it the Sandwich day because is in the middle… like cheese and ham go between the bread in a sandwich, Wednesday is in the middle of Mondays and Fridays… I know, I am working too much and need to get more sleep… ha ha ha). This coming week-end is a long one here in Canada! Do you have any plans? make sure you check our blog… there will be something you don’t want to miss. 😉

Muchos besos para todos!!!


7 Responses to HOLA… Wednesday is a sandwich day!

  1. Nat Cleeter says:

    Wow – cool photo of your baby boy the coulours are so vibrant and zingy I can only imagine the juicy goodness to come from such a great photo – u naughty little tease!!

  2. Laurie says:

    Oh wow.. I so can’t wait for the new lines.. I am still working through the KIKI ART paper I bought at scrapfest…I love the colours you have in the pictures of your kids.. make me think of what you have in store for us… I am so looking forward to the long weekend.. I hope the weather is good…

  3. Fleur says:

    Love the colors in your photos – I can’t wait to see what they inspired!

  4. vane erosa says:

    hi kiki !
    can´t wait for the new stuff! how are you doing_?

  5. sarah says:

    yay!!! thanks for sharing these kiki! :) FUN


  6. Thanks for sharing, love the photos of the kids…

  7. Great stuff Kiki!!!

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