Let Them Eat Cake!

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Hello All! Nicole here, finally!

I am so glad to be back sharing some creativity with all you amazing ladies!

So, some of you might know, it’s lent. I’m Catholic and lent means no meat on Fridays and no treats (and  a lot more stuff that can’t fit into a simple sentence or two). So I am forced to create treats out of paper. :) Let them eat cake, or paper, as the case may be…

I wanted to challenge myself to create something in 20 minutes or less using 5 or less items from my already stashed craft-room. This is what I came up with and how I did it.

Pretty cute right? A paper cupcake cake topper. I mean you could use this for anything… a little trinket for someone’s birthday… on top of a cup cake tower… centerpieces at a bridal shower… endless possibilities!

Here is how easy it was to make! You’ll need…


One sheet of cute Kiki Art Paper. Cut into pieces of 1 in. by 4 in.

A Styrofoam ball and a container to use as the bottom of the cupcake. (The container I used I found at The Container Store but I think with the popularity of cupcakes you could find something similar near you!)

So you simply roll up the paper, stick the pin where the piece overlaps, and stick it into the ball. It’s so easy!

And in 20 or less minutes you’ll have a really cute paper cup cake~ and you know what is the best? Because no glue was used you can take it all apart so you can reuse the parts for something else after the birthday party!

Well, that about wraps it up for me… but…you know I couldn’t leave you without a layout!

Up close… Can you see all the great Kiki Art products I used?

Kiki, all the Design Girls, and myself are so happy you stopped by… don’t forget to say hi and leave a comment. We always like to hear from all of you!

Happy Paper Cupcake Making!



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5 Responses to Let Them Eat Cake!

  1. MJ says:

    very nice idea!, nice cupcake


  2. sarah says:

    this is a FANTASTIC idea, nicole! :) i LOVE LOVE LOVE this! i’ll need to try this for the next bday party i’m hosting! :)

    hugs to you,

  3. Fabulous project…love the layout too!!

  4. Jackie says:

    The cupcake is adorable!How cute would these be as a decoration for a birthday party!

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